Cimex Group and Edulios Real Estate Fund attended the Thirsty Thursday

The traditional Thirsty Thursday event took place in the Prague Richter Villa on June 23, 2016 under the auspices of the Cimex Group, which assumed the role of host. This social evening was held in a pleasant informal atmosphere and was attended by more than 120 experts in the real estate business. For more information see the attached contribution


Edulios presented itself at the Forbes Gala Invest event

The Edulios Real Estate Fund director Martin Skalický presented the goals and objectives of the fund at a social Forbes Gala Invest event. For more information see the attached contribution


The New EDULIOS Fund has Successfully Launched a Purchasing Campaign and has Purchased the City West B1 Office Building for its Alfa Sub-Fund

The modern office building CityWest B1, lying in the Prague quarter of Stodůlky, is the first real estate investment of the EDULIOS real estate fund. EDULIOS has placed it into its Alfa Sub-Fund. This is the first large purchase of this fund, which has the ambition of assuming the first ranks among the qualified investors funds on the Czech market. The estimated annual return from the lease of the CityWest B1 building is approximately 4 million Euro.

The City West B1 building has a total floor area of 24 400 m2 and is categorised as a premium building that is easily accessible by public transport (it lies directly on the Metro B station Stodůlky). It is also connected to the D0 Motorway, and has excellent access to the city centre and to Václav Havel Airport.

The structure of the EDULIOS Fund is divided into individual sub-funds, which invest into selected types of real estate according to the chosen investment strategy. The Alfa Sub-fund of Edulios is orientated at administrative buildings in Prague. On the basis of analyses, the target performance of the EDULIOS Fund should be above the level of 6 % p. a.

Interview with the Director of the Real Estate Fund with ČIA News

Read the interview with the director of the EDULIOS Real Estate Fund, Martin Skalický, that was published on the ČIA News server (in Czech). You will find out how to make good investments of some of your money on the real estate market. You can read the interview at this link:

The Edulios Real Estate Fund has Launched Operations

One of the largest private investors on the Czech market, the CIMEX Group, which celebrated a quarter-century since its establishment this year, has just received the Decree of the CNB on the Authorisation to Operate for the Edulios Real Estate Fund. The fund has been presented at the international trade fairs ExpoReal in Munich and MIPIM in Cannes.

The Edulios Fund was established with the goal of introducing a new way of qualified investing to the market, based on legislation that came into effect on 1. 1. 2014. The statutory body of the fund is currently the CIMEX Invest, s. r. o. company, which will be ensuring the management of the Edulios Fund and of its sub-funds, especially in terms of investment management (market analysis, identification of investment opportunities, securing acquisitions, securing finances and sales).

“For us, this is a significant shift in activities, allowing us a more dynamic management of investment activities and more flexible communication with our investors. We are completing the acquisitions of attractive office buildings, ensuring a stable return for Edulios's sub-fund Alfa, and we are beginning to sell stocks,” says the director of the fund, Martin Skalický, about its activities. According to him, investing in real estate currently brings an interesting return, and in the case of Edulios's sub-fund Alfa, he even expects a return of over 6 % p. a.  

Planning to Visit MIPIM?

This year, the EDULIOS Real Estate Fund of Qualified Investors will present itself to the most significant European and world investors, developers, and financial institutions at the prestigious real estate and investment opportunity trade fair, MIPIM, in Cannes. If you are interested in receiving more information, or would like to personally meet our representatives Martin Skalický or Jan Kratochvíl at the trade fair, please contact Mr. Kratochvíl at or at +420 602 658 621.  Download Current Information for EDULIOS Alfa Investors 

Quality, First Class Real Estate is Running Out. Where Next on the Market with Commercial Real Estate?

First class real estate is the subject of great interest, yet it is very difficult to acquire any. Therefore, there is an increase in interest in real estate of a lower quality that can be profitable with the right management. What does Martin Skalický, the Portfolio Manager of the EDULIOS Fund of the CIMEX company, say about the commercial real estate market in 2016?

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