EDULIOS fund wants to be a trustworthy and stable investment instrument that allocates investment capital via it’s subfunds into attractive real estate assets offering long term and above the market appreciation of invested capital. Real estate fund of qualified investor’s EDULIOS was established in 2014 with the intention to introduce a new way of qualified investing based on new legal regulation that was passed on 1. 1. 2014.

First, the EDULIOS fund was set up as managed fund that is managed by investment company from the CONSEQ group. Second, the fund will undergo a transformation and EDULIOS will become a self-managed fund which will be managed by it’s statutory body – CIMEX INVEST s.r.o. company.

Real estate fund EDULIOS was established and is managed in accordance with Act No. 240/2013 on Management Companies and Investment Funds.

Investment strategy of the EDULIOS fund is to target yield real estate assets. Initially, EDULIOS fund set up subfund EDULIOS Alfa, which solely targets investments into attractive Prague office buildings. In the coming years, various sub-fund formations are contemplated. Those will target alternative assets such as hotels & hospitality assets, retail & commercial assets, mixed use regional assets, etc.

EDULIOS fund utilizes longstanding extensive experience of real estate investment entity CIMEX GROUP that features more than 2 decades of experience within the Czech market. CIMEX GROUP currently owns and manages a number of real estate assets such as office buildings, hotel & hospitality assets as well as industrial real estate assets. Total assets of CIMEX GROUP currently exceed CZK 10 bln.


Basic data about the Fund

Management Company of the Fund:   

EDULIOS, Investment Fund with Floating Registered Capital, a. s.

Statutory Director:

CIMEX Invest s. r. o.

Administrator of Fund:

QI Investment Company, a. s., of the Conseq Group

Custodian of Fund:

Československá obchodní banka a. s.

Auditor of Fund:

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit, s. r. o.

Valuation of Fund´s Assets:

KNIGHT FRANK, spol. s r. o.